"Joined in selling at Ekacy, our profit increased over 50%, most of our dresses were bought by buyers mainly from Uk, USA, AUSTRALIA, CANADA, IRELAN, NEW ZEALAND, MALTA."
------by helina.
No any monthly fee, only us$0.3 listing fee + 3.5% transaction fee.
Three simple steps to opening a shop:
1.Register an account
To beggin with opening your shop and sell the items, you are required to register an account, No matter you are buyer or seller, you just need to register one account which will be ok. Use the same account to buy items or sell items. Read below detail for more.

2. Fill out your shop information
After you finished registering an account, use the account name and the password which you registered to sign in, once you successfully signed in your account, update your profile and fill out your your shop's conerning information. Read below detail for more.

2.List and publish items.
Once you updated your profile informaiton and filled out all your shop information as well as set your payment with your paypal account for receiving buyers' payment, then you can start to list your items to sell easily. Read below detail for more.

How to sell? Seller tools
Create an account
Update your your profile and fill out your shop informaiton
Using tools to list items
My shop
My selling orders
Section management, shipping plate, create size chart
Add a list
List management
Coupon code
My bill
Payment setting

1, Creating an account is free, no any monthly fee!
Before open a shop to sell items, you need to register an account as below:
Step 1, Click "Register" on the right top of any page of the site!
Step 2, By clicking the "Register", you will be led to a page of the form as below:

Step 3, Fill out the above form and click submit button.
Step 4, Then it will skip to the page with sign in page as below:

Step 5, Use the account name and password which you registered your account with to fill above form to sign in. or you can also click "Sign in" on right top of each site page to skip to above sign-in form to fill out the form to sign in.
Step 6, After you successfully sign in, it will go to your account page as below:

2, Update your profile and fill out your shop information!
So now with signed in your account, you will see on the right top, "Open my shop to sell items now!", click it to go to an shop information form as below:

This form includes:Shop name, shop announcement, about, shipping, payment, policy, shop keywords:

**Shop name: give a good name for your shop. We suggest to use a name which is short and easily to pronounce, so that your buyers can easily remember it, and easily find your shop on next shopping. Seller will nominate an good name for shop, but please do use a shop name legally, any ilegal name such as infringement of copyright, patent, intellectual property etc will be removed or resulting in suspended account.

**Shop announcement: This ammouncement will be appare on the top head of your shop page, such as below:

So write some important information which can catch buyers's attention. for example, write something about what kind of clothing, fabric, clothing attachment is your shop selling, or some coupon code, or some discount activities etc.

**About: write something about your shop story, your teams, what role is each of your teammates etc.

**Shipping: we connect the buyers and sellers all over the world, sellers will sell their items through Ekacy marketplace to buyer directly internationally and after the item(s) sold, sellers will ship item(s) directly to the buyers. So write something about the shipping ways, shipping time etc.

**Payment: Currently, for safer purpose, as per Ekacy's policy, it allows seller accepts buyers to pay through paypal only and paypal will accept buyers to pay by all credits cards, debit cards etc. So here, please kindly write: "We accept paypal and paypal accept all credit cards or debit cards:" which is perfect.

**Policy: write your shop's policy here, items exchange/return policy, order cancellation policy, payment refund policy/conditions terms.

**Shop keywords: This is very important for buyers' searching, well set this keywords will have much more chance to appear at the top of searching results when buyer searching the product by entering the keywords on llcd marketplace or some other searching engine such as google, yahoo, bing etc. So please kindly use keyword closest to the items you are selling. For example, if you are selling bridesmaid dresses, then you case use some keywords such as: white bridesmaid dresses, long bridesmaid dresses, short bridesmaid dresses, chiffon bridesmaid dresses, but plesae do not repeat the keywords, like using the same keywords: long bridesmaid dresses, long bridesmaid dresses, long bridesmaid dresses, which is wrong and not good for searching.

3, Using below tools to list items to sell!
Once you finished updating your profile and filled out form with your company information, then come back to "My account page" which is as below:

On this page, you will see all the seller tools below sells:

**My shop: click "My shop" tool, it will go to page as below:

On this page, you can edit: shop logo, shop head image, shop name, shop announcement, shop about, shop shipping, shop payment policy, exchange/retun policy, shop keyword.

Shop logo and long head large image will appear on the head of store page such as below:

**My selling order

Clicking "My seling order" to see the order summary list where you will find each of the order with the order payment status, qty, shipping status etc. and if you want contact the buyer for the order issues, you see that on the top of the order with blue letter "Contact buyer" as below:

so that it will come up with contact buyer form, fill the form to submit to send your message to the buyer. For the most safest purpose and protect yourself, we do suggest you to use our such message system at Ekacy marketplace to contact with buyer, and do not use other message system outside of Ekacy marktetplace, Because if any unlikely cases happened such as buyer "file a case" by reporting ordered item(s) not received or received item(s) which is not as listing described, we will investigate the case by the messages at Ekacy message stystems communicated between seller and buyer and other messages out of Ekacy messages system will not be taken as a proof and will be disregarded.

On orders summary list, you will see all the orders, but if need to check each unique order detail, please click "Check order receipt detail" on right of each order summary which will go to singe unique order detail sheet. The order detail sheet also carrys conerning payment status, shipping information etc. If want to contact the buyer, click the blue button "Contact the buyer" to a form for filling out and click submit the form to send message to you buyer. Again, For the most safest purpose and protect yourself, we do suggest you to use our such message system at Ekacy marketplace to contact with buyer, and do not use other message system outside of Ekacy marktetplace.

**Section management, shipping plate, create szie chart:
suggest to set all these firstly before add a item list, because during listing a list, these three properties will be need selected to connect to the item.

**Section management: this is for buyer's easy searching your shop's items, it helps buyers find such items quickly when they are reviewing your shop's products, for example, you have long dresses, short dresses selling at your shop, all the long dresses will be added to long dresses seaction, all short dresses will be added into short dresses section, so when the buyers are reviewing your shop and they want to find a short dresses, then click "short dress section", they will see all the short dresses of your shop. This section will appear on the left of your shop items lists page, such as below:

To set sections, please click "Section management" to go the form as below:

Fill the form with the section and click "Add new section button" to submit which will be done.

**Shipping plate: click "Shipping plate" to set the shipping plate which including:
a.shipping plate name.
b. the country that the item will be ship from.
c. the processing time frame: it is the time that it will take from the date of the order placed to the date that the item(s) will be shipped.
d. transportation: it is the time from the date after the item(s) sent out to the date that the item(s) will reach to the buyer).
e. shipping cost: it is shipping cost for each item to each country and cost for 1st item as well as each additional item.

**remarks: you do not need to create each shipping plate for each item list, instead, you just need to create one shipping plate for all the item listings with the same shippping cost.

**Create size chart: click "Create size chart " to go to a form for filling out the size chart as well as uploading a picture for showing how to take the measurements. You do not need to create each item list with a size chart, instead, you just need to create one size chart for all the items listings with the same size, measurements.

**Add a list: click this to adding list form. Fill out the form and upload item images then click publish the item listing to start to sell it. Also, for item photos requirements, please kindly see seller policy to make sure the photos you will uploaded be apply to the seller policy, otherwise, it will be removed.

List management: click "List management" to the list management page to manage your lists if need, on this page, it includes list copy, eidt and remove.

Coupon codes: If you would like to offer some discount to the buyer for an item, you could create a coupon code, and the coupon code will be % discount or fixed discount.

My bill: On the 1st of each month, our system will create the bill for last month of your selling fee listings fee and transaction fee, so that you need to come to this payment and click the blue button "Make the payment" to complete the payment of the bill. The payment will be made before 15th of each month, and late payment will result in your account suspended.

Payment setting: Payment setting, this is for adding the seller payment account for receiving buyers' payments. Currently, we only allow seller to use paypal account to receive the payment, so that seller must create a paypal account and add the paypal account on this page before selling.

Reports/casses: A successful business is basing on good reputable, so that a seller need to offer good quality item, service to the buyer and if any problem happen, please communicate with the buyer and help the buyer to solve the problem immediately and positively, so that can get the buyer good review. If receive a case filed by a buyer for item not received or item received is not like as listing described, or some report your item or store for some other result, you will receive a message on this reeports/casses message system page.
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