It was crazy, even we are located in USA, we got our infinity bridesmaid dresses JUST IN 10 DAYS FROM THE DATE AFTER THE ORDER and the pacage was sent from another country China, super fast!!!! and even more saved us by around 22% comparing with others!!!!
----By Reynie Wallace
Joined in selling on Ekacy, our profit increased over 50%, most of our dresses were bought by buyers mainly from Uk, USA, AUSTRALIA, CANADA, IRELAN, NEW ZEALAND, MALTA.
---by helina.
After joining to sell on Ekacy, my business has been increased a lot!!! i made big money, i bought three SUV cars and two houses by fully paid, hahahaha, i love Ekacy!
---by Janet wang.
Shop by category---Apparel
Infinity dresses
USD 33.90
Infinity dresses
USD 33.90
Infinity dresses
USD 33.90
Infinity dresses
USD 33.90
Infinity dresses
USD 33.90
Infinity dresses
USD 33.90
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Men's suit
USD 150.00
Wedding dresses
USD 120.00
Bridesmaid robes
USD 17.00
Flower girl dresses
USD 45.00
Bridesmaid dresses
USD 95.00
Mother dresses
USD 65.00
Evening dresses
USD 105.00
USD 55.00
Jump suit
USD 65.00
Jacket & coats
USD 80.00
USD 30.00
Sleep wear
USD 25.00
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Linen cotton fabric
USD 1.08
Lace fabric
USD 1.10
Chiffon fabric
USD 0.90
Satin fabric
USD 1.00
Wool fabric
USD 2.50
Cotton print
USD 2.80
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Shop by category---Accessories
USD 1.10
USD 0.01
Lace trims
USD 1.10
Ribbon & tape
USD 0.30
Rhinestones & beading
USD 1.80
USD 0.60
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