"Joined in selling at Ekacy, our profit increased over 50%, most of our dresses were bought by buyers mainly from Uk, USA, AUSTRALIA, CANADA, IRELAN, NEW ZEALAND, MALTA."
------by helina.
No any monthly fee, only us$0.3 listing fee + 3.5% transaction fee.
Seller policy
This policy is a part of our Terms of Use. As seller, by selling on our marketplace, you are agreeing to this policy and our terms of Use.

1, What i can sell at Ekacy and who can sell at Ekacy marketplace?
1.1, Ekacy marketplace is an global marketplace specializing in clothing products and it connects buyers and sellers to make transactions all over the world. Currently, It allows only clothing products, fabric and clothing attachments(clothing attachments means accessories which will be attached on a clothing to combined as a part the clothing or a decoration trim such as thread, lace trims, ribbons, hangtags, labels, applies, embroidery, buttons etc.) to be listed to sell at Ekacy marketplace. Other items which is not an item of clothing, fabric, clothing attachments or thoes clothing, fabric, clothing attachments that the seller's local laws prohibites to be listed at Ekacy will be regarded as a violation of this policy and will be removed, or the seller account will be suspended.

1.2, Ekacy marketplace is basing on rule of strictly direct, transparent, trust buying and selling. No mater you are corporate or individual, anyone all over the world can sell at Ekacy marketplace but must on below condictions:

a. All you and your teammates must reach to at least 18 years old or above.
b. item(s) must be made by yourself or your teammates, or your factory(your factory must be pre-approved by Ekacy marketplace factory team) or a factory that Ekacy marketplace teams recommend and assign for you. A resell item(it means seller bought from somewhere or someone, then resell it at Ekacy marketplace) will be a violation of Ekacy's direct policy which will be removed or it will result in your selling privilege suspended.
c, Item must be new and a second hand item is not allowed to sell at Ekacy.

2, Item photos:
2.1, All the photos must be shooted by yourself, or by your teammates, or by a photographer you paid, any stock photos copied from others at anywhere to be posted at Ekacy marketplace is prohibited and will be regarded as violation of Ekacy'S policy so that will be removed or resulting in selling privilege suspended.

2.2, The items photo must be at least 800px at wide and less 2M.

2.3, The primary photo of the item can not be with a logo watermark or some letter on it. The less of the other 4 photos can be with your logo on them.

3, Payment:
Currently, selling at Ekacy, it only allows seller to use Paypal account to receive the payment from buyers, Seller accept buyers to pay by bank transfer, western union etc will be regarded as violation of Ekacy policy. Paypal will accept buyers to pay by credit cards, debit card, or buyer's paypal deposits which is safe payment way for both buyer and seller.

Before opening a shop at Ekacy, a seller if does not have a paypal account yet, please visit Paypal website to register one and registering a paypal accout is easy, free of charge and no any monthly fee. After you got a paypal account, please add your paypal account name on your Ekacy selling shop payment setting so that after buyers buy your items and make the payment, the payment will be directly credited to your paypal account immediately.

4, Shipping:
4.1, Seller are prefered to use some fast shipping ways to ship the item(s), such as fedex, dhl, usp, usps, ems etc, but not limited to this shipping ways, a seller can use any shipping ways only if the shipping time(the time from the date after the item sending out to the date that the items reach to the buyer) is less 20 days internationally and with tracking no. with which the package can be tracked on carrier's website for the transportation.

4.2, A seller is not allowed to use some slow shipping way with the shipping time over 20 days or without a tracking no, using slow shipping with shipping time over 20 days or a shipping way without tracking No. will be treated as violation of Ekacy policy, when a buyer reports a case the item was not received, then Ekacy will directly give a conclusion that it is the seller's responsibility and need to resend the item or refund the payment to the buyer.

4.3, After shipping the item(s), the seller should sign in the selling account and locate the order detail sheet update the shipping status for the order with the tracking no.

5, Seller's policy:
5.1, Seller must specify the shop's shipping policy, return policy, exchange policy, refund policy, order concellation policy at shop policy page. Shop shipping policy should be including the shipping time.

5.2, Shop policy should includes the items processing time, processing time is that the time it will need to take from the date after buyer made the payment to the date after the item(s) shipped.

6, Seller's shop bill:
6.1, Selling at Ekacy, it will not need any monthly fee, account fee, It only charges us$0.3 for listing fee for four months, and transaction fee 3.5%, transaction will be charged only the item sold, not sold, not charged.

6.2, The 1st of each month, Ekacy system will generate a bill for for listing fee, transaction fee, advertising fee for the last month, the seller will need to pay the bill on time and before 15th of each month. The late payment will resublt in selling privilege suspended.

7, Direct policy:
Selling at Ekacy marketplace is direct and easily handling, Sellers list their items and manage the inventory by their own, after buyer purchased the items and made the payment, the payment will be directly and immediately deposited into the seller's payment account. We have set the most securest system to have data transfered with Paypal system, so after the buyer made the payment and the payment deposited in the seller paypal accdount, Paypal system will handsake with Ekacy site system and reconfirm to Ekacy site system with telling the payment is well received and Ekacy site system will updated the order payment status immediately. So once an order is placed, the seller does not need to waste time to sign in and check the Paypal payment account for each order, instead, just check the order detail sheet and will be able know the payment status. If the payment is competed, then seller arrange item(s) shipped directly to the buyer by determined which shipping ways by their own.

8, Manufacturing:
8.1, All the items must be produced by the owner of the shop or the teammates.

8.2, if the shop can not produce the items by the owner or the teamates, and need an outside factory to produce the item(s), the shop should send the factory to Ekacy factory team to pre-approve. Using a factory which was not pre-approved by LLCD factory team is a violation of Ekacy manufacturing policy.

8.3, Ekacy marketplace integrate over 50000 clothing factories, so that if you do not have a factory for making the items for you, please contact Ekacy team, they will reconmmend you several the most professional and specialized factories basing on your category.

9, Transparency and trust:
As a international marketplace, in order to make each transaction to be fair and each shopper has good shopping experience, Ekacy takes transparent and trush very serously, sellers must specify their business on the shop about page transparency with honesty, all infomriaont must be true, can not be fake. Fake information will result in selling privilege suspended.
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