About us:

Ekacy is located in the famous city of Guangzhou of China with the large clothing manufacturing base, the large fabric and accessories wholesale market, Ekacy is integrating over 50000 clothing factories and over 10000 fabric supplier and clothing accessories suppliers to support clothing desigers and sellers from all over the world to make their items. Its mission is to create over 5000000 jobs for people who are insterested in clothes all over the world.

Ekacy is a professional global creative ecommerce marketplace which is a large marketplace only specializing in clothing products, fabric and clothing, jewelry accessories. It connect buyers and sellers from all over the world to make transactions.

No matter you are corporate or individual, anyone reaching 18 years old and above can buy and sell item(s) at Ekacy marketplace!

Its mission is to build the most professional and specialized clothing marketplace to make the buyers get what they are looking for easily and the fastest as well as buy the worthy good items they pay for. to make the sellers selling items to all over the world directly to make money easily.

What i can do at Ekacy marketplace?

1, As a buyer, you can find the clothing products you are looking for at the faster speed from all over the world!
2, As a buyer, you may buy the items with saving a lot or above as the items are selling directly from the seller or a designer over the world.
3, As a buyer, you can also work as a designer and seller by yourself, buy fabric, accessories from fabric sellers, accessoreis suppliers at Ekacy marketplace, and ask Ekacy factory team to recommend factory to make the clothing items for you, and you sell the items at Ekacy marketplace.
4, As a buyer, you may buy a custom made clothing item easily as over 80% of the items at Ekacy are valid for custom making, and Ekacy is also one of the largest marketplace for customized clothing items.

1, As a seller, you can sell the items directly to the 50 millions active buyers from all over the world and the payment will be credited into your account directly and immediately after paid.
2, As a seller, you do not have to worry about how to find a good factory to produce the items for you, as you can ask Ekacy factory team to recommend you good qualified factory to you.
3, As a seller, you can easily sell the items easily to make money, you have a pre-approved factory to make the items for you and directly send the item(s) to your buyers.
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